€‹Tessa Lopez-Scott, U.S. Navy Veteran, founded Hilarity Over Therapy in 2016 after performing in various comedy shows and festivals at famous comedy theatres such Second City, IO west and the Hollywood Fringe Fest. In 2013, Tessa co-founded a sketch comedy troupe called Sketch Time Strangers which she wrote for, directed and performed in around Los Angeles for over a year. Tessa has a strong background in comedy acting and has claimed to have learned everything she knows about writing from watching endless amounts of television. While Tessa is the founder, writer, director and an actor for H.O.T., Tessa says the part of Hilarity Over Therapy that she is most proud of is the troupe's camaraderie.  (Insert Tessa vomiting from the lovey dovey shit.)

Tatiana Andrea   was born in Chile but moved with her family to Sweden when she was only 6 months old. Her major in High school was Dance and discover her passion for Acting in her last year of school. She continue to pursue her dreams and moved to California in 2010. After studying the craft at Santa Barbara City College she finished her studies at New York Film Academy as a graduate, She was a part the Sketch Time Strangers troupe as an actress as well as a stage manager. Worked for LWMG Studios (Modern Sector) in Burbank as a Production Manager. She is one of the proud founders of Hilarity Over Therapy as well as the stage/production manager. Tatiana has a great vision for the troupe and still celebrating the troupes start of success. (popping champgne bottles).

Angela is a Seattle native and has been performing to make others laugh for as long as she can remember. Growing up in the dreary, depressing Seattle weather, she learned it was up to her to bring laughter and comedy into her life and those around her. She started performing in community theatre at the young age of 9 and when she was 11 years old she wrote, directed, casted and starred in her own original play called "Rumpelstiltskin, The Musical" Her mother composed the music and co directed and she and her friends performed at a local theatre. Angela not only wanted to make people laugh with her play, but with all the donations she made from the performances, she donated 100% of them to a nonprofit organization called World Vision Charity. She continued to do community theatre until she moved to California to attend the New York Film Academy in 2011, and graduated in 2013 with her AFA Acting for Film Degree. She has been involved in numerous comedy groups and plays, including a production of "Trouble In Chiozza" with the Classical Theatre Lab. She was involved in Sketchtime Strangers for a year as an actress/writer and participated in the Funny Womens Festival in November 2015 at iOwest Theatre. Angela is extremely honored to be part of Hilarity Over Therapy and sees a huge future for this troupe. 

Catherine Kyritsi is a Greek South African with a love for all that is film and theater, at the young age of five Catherine knew that she wanted to work in the talkies! She completed her Bachelor in Film Studies at the University of Kent in Canterbury England and couldn’t wait to take over the movie business. In January 2010 she moved to the US where she pursued her Masters Of The Fine Arts in Acting at the New York Film Academy. After arriving in Los Angeles, for the last 5 years she has been drinking in every class and production she could get her hands on. From producing features, to improv at the Groundings to sketch groups and theatre ensembles, she tackles everything head on. This awkward Greek girl is so happy to be part of this amazingly talented crazy group and can’t wait to produce the hell out of it.

Mademoiselle Charlotte “La Face” Plummer was born and raised in Toronto, Canada actually she was born in East York and grew up in Markham but let’s be honest if it isn’t Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver (maybe) who cares eh! When a long track and field career as a National Team Member for Canada qualifying for the Olympic and World Trials came to an abrupt end. Charlotte knew there was only one thing she could do and that was to pursue her dream of being an actor. She attained her MFA in film acting and a passion for sketch comedy developed; being able to work with one of the founding members of the Groundlings Suzanne Kent opened her up to the world of improv and comedy.  When Charlotte isn’t posing for pictures, walking the runways of Krypton and maintaining allegiance to the Justice League you can find her counting her blessings that she is a member of such an amazingly talented group of H.O.T individuals. Je t’aime!

Kevin Lee is a Los Angeles native but attended college at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM. After receiving his BBA in Marketing, he decided to come back to his hometown and pursue his life long dream of being a comedian. He took improv courses at the UCB Theater in Hollywood and later joined Sketchtime Strangers at the Brickhouse Theater in North Hollywood. Some of his favorite pastimes include running, hiking, watching kimchi ferment, and your mom. Kevin is honored to be able to work alongside a group of such talented individuals and considers H.O.T. as his second family.  

Kara was raised in the idyllic, magical, art-centric Shire known as Brattleboro, Vermont. She earned her BA in Theatre Arts at Brandeis University, and trained with companies in the Berkshires and NYC. In Boston, she worked extensively as an actor, educator, and vocal coach before moving to LA with her husband and tailless cat in 2013. Her first feature-length comedy hits festivals this year. In addition to being a HOT-tie, Kara is a company member of The Road Theatre.

Freddy Harris is a graduate of Howard Universities Radio, TV & Film Program.  Freddy began his early career as an on-air radio personality in Washington, DC.  While at Howard University he studied acting from Al Freeman Jr. and Mark Jolin.  After receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree from Howard University he went on to study acting at The Sanford Meisner center in North Hollywood, CA from Martin Barter and Alex Taylor.  Freddy Harris was first introduced in the 2010 Shaun White skateboarding video game campaign as the fast talking skater.  Other credits include Oscar in The Odd Couple, Crooks in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, and Hoke Coleburn in Alfred Urhy’s Driving Miss Daisy. 

Desi Ivanova has a BFA in theatre from Australia and an MFA in film acting. Her comedy training includes clowning and buffoonery, improv and sketch with two of the Groundlings founders Suzanne Kent and George McGrath. Desi had the pleasure of previously working with the ever-so-wonderful Tessa Lopez Scott on their first comedy group- Sketch Time Strangers and fell madly in love with her.. I mean it, it, the sketch .. stuff.. group...HOT.. Is madly in love with H.O.T. !

Trevor is a world traveler. Even though he was born in Vancouver, Canada, he was raised and has lived in 13 different countries throughout his life. He comes from an Irish father and an Argentinean mother, giving him the ability to speak fluently in Spanish, French and English. He started acting in High School, performing in several plays which was where he began to find his passion for acting. After graduating High School, he moved on to University, where he obtained a criminology degree. A path in life he imagined he was suppose to walk in order to earn his fathers respect, him being a nuclear engineer and all. Only to find out that he didn't care what Trevor did. So......he enrolled in at NYFA to continue his pursuit for acting. While attending NYFA in Abu Dhabi. Trevor was casted in a couple films that eventually made their way to the Cannes Film festival. Since arriving in LA Trevor has graduated with his AFA Acting for Film degree, gotten married, and was part of a Sketch Comedy group called "Sketchtime Strangers" and is now thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of HOT.

Natalie is a professional actress focused primarily on comedy in the film and television areas. She first got the acting bug at age 14 in Miami, FL where she had the opportunity to play the lead in a local touring theater group production of If You Don't Start Nothin', There Won't Be Nothin'. She has completed two degrees with a BA in Theatre Arts from Alabama State University and an MFA in Acting for Film from the New York Film Academy. Since then Natalie has performed in numerous plays, short films and web-series productions. You might have seen her in the hit play Meet and Greet as Desiree directed by Stan Zimmerman. Or the popular music video and short film Shame with Tyrese Gibson and Jennifer Hudson.  During her 6 year acting career in LA,  Natalie has worked with  Keegan Michael Key, Lamorne Morris, Carolyn Hennesy, Deidrich Bader and many more.

Natalie has been recognized for her ability to bring a script to life, as well as for her dedication to the acting craft. She is currently a series regular as Lori on YouTube’s first funded scripted comedy, Part-Timers, on the Smosh channel. She is also in a sketch comedy troupe called, Hilarity Over Therapy, where they have performed, competed and won in various sketch comedy competitions at the iO West Theatre and The Second City.

Chris is originally from St. Clair Shores, MI, but moved to NYC when he was 19 to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He spent 3 years there training, doing all sorts of styles of acting, including Commedia dell'arte. His other training includes forms of improv, people watching, and studying with the renowned acting teacher, Wynn Handman. Chris spent a few years producing/co-directing/starring in his own short films with a writer friend of his, and truly has an appreciation for the process of film. After living in NYC for 10 years, he is now here in LA, and couldn't be happier getting the opportunity to perform live with H.O.T., recently at IO West, and Second City. He is amazed at all of his cast mates, and their high caliber creativeness, to come up with so many unique characters, and funny situations. As for the future, Chris just wants to keep the laughter going! 

Mary Beth grew up in the midwest. She was born and raised in Overland Park, KS and then moved to Fort Collins, CO where the state stole her heart, well and maybe her husband Brett had something to do with that too. She lived there for 10 years before moving to LA to solidify her place as an actress in the film, television, and voiceover world. Before moving to LA, she was a professional performer and teacher, and got to travel the world performing in theater, musical theater, opera, and piano while she maintained a voice and piano studio back home. She received her Bachelor of Music from the Conservatory of Music at UMKC and her Master of Music from Colorado State University. Mary Beth has recently realized she might just be a little bit funny and therefore joining H.O.T. was the next logical step in her achieving world domination through comedy. Her training comes from The Speiser/Sturges Studio and The Groundlings in LA, Mocksides Studio in CO, and the School of Hard Knocks in Kansas City.

Caitlin Marshall is a SAG actress from Oklahoma, a retired beauty pageant queen, former hairstylist/licensed barber, and self-proclaimed future “best friend” of Britney Spears. She moved out of Tornado Alley to La La Land in 2010, to attend the NYFA acting for film program on a “talent” scholarship, where she met Tessa Lopez-Scott and had her 1st lesbian biracial BFF. 6 years later, the H.B.I.C. of H.O.T. asked her and her special someone to audition for the troupe, and now she’s loving every minute of performing with her new crazy ass family of comics. Plus, hilarity is much cheaper than therapy. 

Terrence is born and raised in Rochester, NY started acting at The curious age of eight. Performing live stage theater shows all over western New York, he's been a dramatic play such as bell and green pastures. Also in West New York he was part of and improv troupe named LOL superstars, formally known as Etch-a-Sketch comedy. With a web show, states place, and a monologue stage series under his belt, his passion and persimmons for the dramatic arts let him to Los Angeles.as a newbie to LA he is thrilled about entertain others, and his journey out here in Lala land. To check out his adventures in sketch comedy shorts, follow him on Instagram and SnapChat @HollyWowPrince. 

Jorgie caught the acting bug while watching Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and Jim Carrey in the Mask. After years of dreaming and waiting to pursue acting he decided to leave he's little Puerto Rico in exchange for the City of Angels. He attended the acting conservatory The American Academy of Dramatic Arts with aims to become a dramatic actor. Turns out he was better at making them laugh till they drop from they're chairs then making them drop tears so he decided to focus on that. After a few arduous and adventurous years in LA Jorgie was able to come to paths with the HOT family where he's comedic timing and outrageous character creation have been warmly welcomed. Inside the comedy group Jorgie hopes to expand he's talent as he enjoys the amazing journey he's about to embark with hes amazing and hilarious teammates. Yes, he said teammates.

A refugee from New Jersey, Jason (birth name) was born into a family with no talent. Some would say thats where he gets his. Having been trained classically and traditionally in acting, in New York City, Jay moved to Loss Angeles in 2012 to pursue TV and Film. Some time after that he would have the pleasure of meeting a special someone, who would encourage him to join some weird comedy troupe: H.O.T I believe it's called. Since his talents weren't taking him anywhere anytime soon, he decided to give it a shot. And the rest is history as they say.